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"Thanks so much for your Great Word of Wisdom! come to visit us some days in the peaceful Future! With our Full Heated Appreciations of the Family"!


"We thank God for his goodness. God has been with us every step of the way guiding us. Thank you Caroline yes the Holy Spirit has taken me into a deeper relationships from having bible studies, doing early morning prayer, to going out on the street. God is indeed good to us. All the praise and glory belongs to the Lord."


"I just wanted to say that I saw your message "bring back the one" it was very inspiring and with great understanding, you definitely know your shepherd's voice".


"Dear Caroline thank you that you crossed the chicken line & were blessed to take on the role of leader. I am blessed by the preaching  of the gospel on your online ministry. Bless you  for adapting to WhatsApp video call thus enabling me also to pray with you during  the final mornings hours"


"We thank God for you Caroline, it's been a real blessing to be a part of this group, your diligence and obedience to listen and act on what Father God is saying is a lesson to us all."


"Awesome! Beautifully said... Our offerings,  sacrifice, worship should come from our hearts. It's what God accepts as it pleases Him. Amen."


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